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notyourbasicmurder's podcast

Oct 4, 2019

NYBM is blessed with another amazing special guest! This week my dear friend Kelsey Green and I discuss some crazy murders within the state of Ohio. First, we discuss the complicated Piketon Family Murders. The Pike County shootings took place on the night of April 21, 2016, when eight people (all belonging to the Rhoden family) were shot and killed in four homes in Piketon Ohio. Next, we travel a few hours north to Mount Vernon. Matthew J. Hoffman is a murderous, ephebophilic statutory rapist, one-time abductor, robber, and arsonist responsible for a triple homicide and the abduction and rape of a thirteen-year-old girl in November 2010. 

ATTENTION: Caitlin and Kelsey were given Tequila before this episode so proceed with caution.